Snapseed Colourful Effect Trick - [AF EDIT]

Snapseed Photo edit

Hi guys, how are you all doing, hope you all are absolutely performing amazingly. Today's post is a little bit more interesting than the previous posts because in today's post I will be going to show you the basic steps of creating a lightroom preset in my youtube channel AF Edit video. So if you haven't watched that video then first go and watch that video which is provided in my youtube channel, So that you will find it easy in editing your photo. Here in this photo editing trick I have shown you that how I always create my lightroom preset which I always provide you guys. Every steps means from starting to end. So that means in this post I will not providing any preset to you but giving the procedure of how I create my lightroom preset. So be on my post and learn the steps of creating your own preset. This trick is going to be very easy. Also, you guys can check my previous posts where I have edited so many photo and provided background and lightroom presets.

Snapseed Photo edit

About the thumbnail I have created

In my today's thumbnail you can find two photos where I have shown you the before effect and after effect, the photo that is on the left is as always the non-edited photo and the photo on the right side is edited photo. Photo on the non-edited side have the best background but the color quality is simple, so enhance the quality of image, I have adjusted the color in the lightroom app after adjust the color in the snapseed app. Also, if you want the background of the photo then you can get it from my webiste.

Snapseed Photo edit

What app I have used while editing this photo

As always, very easy for beginners and also for pro, and the name the photo editing app that I have used in this photo editing is Mobile snapseed app, this app is very amazing for photo editing, If you are a photo editor and you want edit any of your photo then you can use this app to edit your photo. Also you can give best color effect in your photo.

How to Change the beautiful background

  • Geet the snapseed app from the playstore app.
  • Then get the background that I have provided here.
  • Now open you snapseed app and add the provided background.
  • Now go to the double exposure tool and add the photo where want to add the provided background.
  • Then click on the tick button.
  • Now go to the edit stake tool and there remove the background of your own photo.
  • Then do some color adjustment if required.


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