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Snapseed Instagram Editing

Hello folks, how are you all doing, hope you all are performing extremely fine. As, many videos before on my youtube channel AF Edit, I have uploaded one concept of Instagram Profile Photo Editing and that video goes viral and now it has almost views of more than 5 lakhs, the love of yours for me forced me to write a special article for that particular Instagram Profile Photo editing, and today, finally I am writing the article on that topic. My today's topic is about the Snapseed Instagram Profile Photo Editing which I have done few weeks before. In this post I will show you that, how you can turn the background of your photos into the Instagram Profile photo, just by using my PNG and Background, here you will not need any preset, only I will teach you to do the color adjustment and that's it. For editing your photo same as I have done you need to get the editing materials which I have provided to you somewhere below in this particular post. Get all the material I have provided and read the following steps which I have told.

Snapseed Instagram Editing

What I have in Today's Thumbnail

In today's thumbnail, I have two differently edited Instagram Profile Photo Editing, both the photo have different models and the editing done on both the photos are totally different. On the left side photo, I have the model is holding the mobile phone in his right hand and his left hand is on the upper side with two-finger stretched which is showing the model's right eye. The background on that photo is of the Red and Yellow color Instagram Logo and also there is smoke in the background.

And on the other hand, the photo which I have edited and also providing the PNG and Background have the background of the white Instagram logo and the background has is of the blue color which has smoke spread.

Snapseed Instagram Editing

What App I have used for editing

Today for this editing I have only used the mobile snapseed app, which is totally free and you can easily access that from Play Store. Using this app is very easy. If you want to learn how I have edited this then read the following instruction which I have provided below this paragraph.

How to Create Instagram Photo Editing

  • Get the required app from the play store which is absolutely free.
  • Then get all the editing materials that I have provided.
  • Now open your mobile snapseed app and add the Background I have Provided, or also you can share the background on the snapseed app from the sharing option.
  • Then go To the Double Exposure tool to add the photo which you want to edit,
  • Then after that go to the edit stake tool to remove the background of your photo,
  • Note - Remove the background very carefully, so that nothing of your original background left.
  • Now again go to the double exposure tool and add the Instagram Logo, then adjust it and click the tick button.
  • Now after that again go to the edit stake took and remove the Instagram logo from your face so that it looks like the Instagram logo is in the background.
  • Then click the tick button and after that do some color adjustment to give a better color effect.


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