New Snapseed Background Blur Trick - [AF EDIT]

Snapseed Background Blur

Hello fellows, how are you all doing, hope you all are performing extremely amazing. After more than 4 more editing tutorials, I am here in front of you, with the amazing photo editing, where you won't need any background, or any PNG to create this photo editing, you can create your photo with your own photo background, here in this photo editing I have used only the lightroom preset and also done some easy steps in the mobile snapseed app. Creating this photo editing is very easy, after reading the instruction or after watching my related video you can easily apply the same method in your photo and can edit the same as I have edited. This trick is very awesome because before this photo editing I have almost never show the editing without any background. You can see the difference between an edited and non-edited photo, it is showing like the background of the edited photo is changed.

Snapseed Background Blur

About the photo that is on the thumbnail

The photo on the thumbnail is showing the before and after effect, where the non-edited photo is showing the before effect and the edited side is showing after effect. Both the photos are same because as I have told you that my thumbnail is showing the before and after effect. So the model on both the photos is sitting beam of the wall where his both hand are on his knees. If you see the color quality of the photo then there is a lots of difference, I accept that the non-edited photo color is good but to enhance the photo more perfectly  I changed the color of the photo into Brown color by using my lightroom preset.

Snapseed Background Blur

What are the apps I have used for editng this photo

As always I have used the lightroom app and mobile snaspeed app for editing this photo. With some simple effect in the snapseed app I have given the blur effect in the photo and applied the lightroom preset on the photo with the help of lightroom app.

How you can create this snapseed photo editing

  • To create this photo editing, you will need the lightroom and snapseed app.
  • Then get the Preset that I have provided you.
  • After that open your snapseed app and add the photo that you want to edit.
  • Then go to the photo blu icon and click that to blur the photo.
  • Adjust how much blur you want.
  • Then click the tick button the save the edit.
  • After that go to the edit sake tool and remove the blur effect from your face and body.
  • Then share your photo into lightroom app.
  • Then further process you can watch on my youtube channel AF edit

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