Snapseed Amazing Orange And Blou Colour Effect [ AF EDIT ]

Snapseed Orange and blou preset

Hello Viewers, how are you all doing, hope you all are doing well and everyone new year celebration passed well. If you are new to my website, then Happy New Year to you all. Actually, the video of this particular post was uploaded 3 months ago, but due to some problem, I didn't write this post that time and uploaded the google drive link, but finally, I am posting this on my website for you, so that you can easily access the editing materials used for editing this photo. Actually, there are not so many editing materials but only one and only one thing and that is Preset, the one and only preset is used for editing this photo, and you can see how beautiful it is looking, you can also turn your photo exactly the same as I have done, just by applying the given preset in this post. Using the preset will help you to enhance the color of the normal photo into an Orange and Blou color effect, you only need to get the preset form my website. After this post, I have created the Happy New year concept, where you all showed me so much love, and the Miss you concept is getting viral just because of your love, the last post which I have uploaded was Snapseed Galaxy sky background, you can check all these posts by simply clicking on the custom links.

Snapseed Orange and blou preset

About Orange and Bluo Color Effect

To show how orange and blou color looks I have created the collage of two photos and both the photos are same, but only the difference is they are showing the before and after effect. In the left side photo which is showing before effect is not so good because the color quality of the normal photo is very dull, trees and face color is very faded and the sky is not clearly visible, but after applying the preset on that photo, the color quality enhances and provided the orange colo on trees, light cyan on the sky and light orange color on the skin. The model is posing like, he is holding his head with his hand and tilting it on his left side.

Snapseed Orange and blou preset

What app is used for editing

I have used the lightroom app, the only lightroom app which is very easy to use, with the help of this app you can enhance the color of any photos, and also you can create the preset of the color adjustment you have done. If you want to learn how to apply preset in the lightroom app, then read the procedure written below.

How to apply preset in lightroom app

  • First, you have to get the lightroom app from the play store app.
  • Then get the preset provided in this post.
  • After that add the preset in the lightroom app that you have taken from my website.
  • Then open the preset,
  • Now you have to tap the three dots on the upper right side after opening the photo.
  • There you will find the copy setting option, there you have to click.
  • Now add your photo in which you want to apply the preset.
  • Then open that photo and click the same three dots on the top right corner.
  • And there you will find the paste setting option, tap on that.
  • Now your preset is successfully applied.


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