New Snapseed Creative Square Photo Editing - [AF Edit]

Snapseed Sqaure Editing

Hii boys and girls, a very great and warm welcome to all present here, hope you are all performing amazingly. So again today' i am here in from of you with the amazing photo editing trick, the theme of this photo editing creative photo editing, as you all know that I have described that I post one or two creative photo editing every week, so this is my first creative photo editing of this week, hope so I will post one more creative photo editing this week. The photo editing done in this post is very amazing as you all can see in my above thumbnail, here in this post I have used one PNG which I have created that myself in the Picsart app, that PNG have three rectangular boxes placed horizontally and vertically, and used the snapseed app for applying it into the photo that I edited. Also after that I have used the lightroom app for adjusting the best color as it is visible in my thumbnail. The best part this photo editing is you will be going to learn the method of creating preset in this photo editing. So be on my post read the article carefully and get all the editing materials for editing your photo same as on the above thumbnail.

Snapseed Sqaure Editing

The photo that is on the thumbnail

There are two photos in my today's thumbnail and both are differently edited. The photo which is on the left is just to show you that no matters how you photo is, you can easily turn your simple photo into that amazing looking photo and the photo which is on the right side is the photo that I have edited in the youtube channel video, If you want to apply this editing in any of yours photo then you can easily do it.

Snapseed Sqaure Editing

About the apps that I have used for creating this creative square editing

In this particular photo editing I have used three known app and the name of those apps are Snapseed and lightroom app as always and third app that i have used is Picsart app. All these three apps are very amazing, all the apps are very easy to use even a non-professional photo editor can use these apps.

How you can Create This Creative Square Editing

  • First, you will need the snapseed and lightroom app, and if you want to create your own square PNG then you go for piscart app.
  • And if you are creating your own PNG then no need to down that, and if you are not creating that then you can get the PNG that I have provided you in this post.
  • Then open your snapseed app and add the photo that you want edit.
  • After that go to the double exposure tool and add the Sqaure PNG that I have provided to you.
  • Now turn the PNG blending mode to Dark blending mode.
  • Adjust it wherever you want to adjust.
  • Then click the tick button and share the photo into Lightroom app.
  • And further steps you can watch in my video. 


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