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New Year Photo Editing

Hi guys, I hope you all are well. As we all know this is the last month of the year 2020 December and the next month is January of the year 2021. I know that the year 2020 has been very difficult for everyone, so many people faced trouble, and I hope the next year "2021" will be amazing for everyone. It is from the starting that we always celebrate the new year with friends and family and captures many photos and many people travel before starting of the new year and also they have lots of photos in the mobile gallery, So to enhance and glitter your simple photos for the new year, I have created the very special concept which is named as Happy New Year Photo Editing. This editing will provide you with a special effect on your photos like color, background, new year fonts, and many more. So to know how I have created and edited the New Year Photo Editing you have to read the Article steps provided downwards. Also, don't forget to check Christmas Photo Editing.

New Year Photo Editing

About the photo, I have Edited

So, people, I have created two Happy New Year Photo which is displayed on the above thumbnail and also visible separately, the left photo on the thumbnail is what I have edited for today's post and the right one is that which is only edited but the backgrounds and presets were not provided in today's post. If you want me to post a separate video and article on that, then you can comment down below or also you can comment me on my youtube channel AF Edit. Let me differentiate both the photos, the left one is with the 2021 text and also it is with the Happy New Year text if you see both photos, the background is different, the left one has a carnival background and the right one has the bridge background.

New Year Photo Editing

What are the apps used for editing

I have used the very known software of editing fields, the name of the apps are the mobile snapseed app, and the lightroom app. Editing any photos in these two apps are very easy. These apps are as much as easy that beginners can easily use to edit their photos. They only need Backgrounds and PNGs provided below. To get the apps you need to search both names in the PLay store app. 

New Year Photo Editing

Steps For Editing the Happy New Year Concept

  • First, you have to get the apps from the Play Store.
  • Then Add the background which I have provided in this post.
  • After adding the background you have to go to the double exposure tool and add the photo you want to edit.
  • After that remove the background of your photo from the edit stake took.
  • Again you have to go to the double exposure tool for three times to add the bubble effect, dual-tone effect and Happy New Year text.
  • Then after adding all the provided things you have to adjust the color of your edited photo and then sent your edited photo into the lightroom app.
  • The further process you can read here Snapseed Atharv Raut Photo Editing.

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