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Snapseed Miss U Photo

Hello boys and girls, hope you all are performing extremely well, So guys my today's post is going to be very awesome because the editing done in this post is for the people who are in love, and they are extremely missing there loved ones, the concept for this type of editing is created by me and you will not find this type of editing anywhere in YouTube, so this one is another reason for being the best tutorial of editing. Those people who are in love and missing there loved ones can show there love by applying this photo editing on their photo and also can share on social media platform, also for the people who are creating there photo with the help of this editing will be unique because as I told you, that you will not find this editing concept anywhere, apply this photo editing on your photo and share this to your loved ones, also if you are regular in my website and also you are regularly watching my videos on youtube then you know about my last post, my last post was about the Snapseed Color Toning Photo Editing, those who are new in my website can check that post to get those PNG, Background, and lightroom Preset.

Snapseed Miss U Photo

About the photo, I have Edited 

Guys, as you can see that there are three photos on the thumbnail and the concept used on all the photos, are equally the same, but the difference in all three photos are of the models and text used, I have only edited one photo which on the right side of the thumbnail. And also you will get all the editing materials used on today's post, to achieve those editing materials you will need to read the post and find where are those editing materials, and if you want me to make the videos on the other two photos which are on the thumbnail bu not shown in the video then you can comment down below or also you can comment us on my YouTube channel AF Edit.

Snapseed Miss U Photo

How I have edited this photo

I have edited this photo with the help of Snapseed and mobile Lightroom app, you will only need to download those apps and the editing materials shared in today's post and you can easily apy the same editing as shown in the thumbnail.


  1. ভাই চোঁখের পানির ইফেক্টটার লিংক দাও

    1. ঠিক আছে, পরে আমি সেই বিষয়টিতে একটি ভিডিও করব।

  2. Bhai aap badyaa edit kar te ho

  3. Sky background ki vabe download korbo


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