New Snapseed Heart Sky Background Change Trick [AF EDIT]

Snapseed Heart Sky Background

Hello my lovely readers, how are you all, I hope you all are absolutely amazing. Today's post is very amazing and it is little bit based on the Miss You concept, in the miss you concept I showed you that how you can show love to your loved once and also you showed your love to me by sharing that video more and more, thanks for your support, just keep supporting like this because your supports helps me to improve my editing and motivate me to make more videos like this. Today's post title is New Snapseed Heart Sky Background change trick, where I showed you how you change your photo background into heart background, not only heart background but also you can use different types of background to enhance the quality of the photo. I named it Heart Sky but not butterfly sky because today in this post I have edited the left side photo of the thumbnail and I will only provide you the heart background and if you want the butterfly background which is on the right side of the thumbnail then you guys can comment down below and also you can comment me on my youtube channel AF Edit. I know if you are here that means you want the Heart Sky background and the preset used, then to achieve today's editing materials be on this page and get all you want.

Snapseed Heart Sky Background

The photo used for editing

I have used two types of photos to make the thumbnail attractive, as you can see that there are two photos on the thumbnail and both the photos are differently edited. I added two photos just to show you that no matters how your photos are you can do the same editing with your different photos not only heart background but also you can edit your photo as shown on the right side of the thumbnail which is butterfly sky background. If you want to learn how I have created this photo then read the instruction provided below this paragraph.

Snapseed Heart Sky Background

Apps I used for the editing of Heart Sky Background

I have only used the mobile lightroom app and mobile snapseed app for the editing of the heart Sky background, I used some of the simple steps on the snapseed app for adding the background and after that, I pasted the settings of Lightroom preset on the background changed the photo.

How I have Changed Heart Sky Background

  • Get all the necessary apps from the play store.
  • then get all the editing materials provided downwards.
  • Then open your snapseed app and add the Heart Sky Background.
  • Then go to the double exposure tool to add your photo.
  • After adding the photos go to the edit stake tool to remove the background of your original photo.
  • Then do some color adjustment the same as showed you in my video on my youtube channel AF Edit.
  • Then send you snapseed edited photo into your mobile Lightroom app.
  • I have told you the process of, How you can apply preset In your Photo.


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