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Snapseed creative wings

Hello lovely people, how are you doing, hope you all are doing absolutely well. Today I am here with the new photo editing trick which will show you how you can change the color of any simple photo with the professional one. Color toning means, giving the perfect color effect on your photo, this editing tricks help people to change the color of there photo. When you go for the photo shoot, you capture many photos with many different poses but when you see those photos, their color looks very dull many times, So to enhance the color of that dull-looking photos to a professional one same as shown in the above thumbnail, I have created the Snapseed New Color Toning Photo Editing Tricks. If you will try this editing tricks on your photo, I am very sure your simple photo quality will turn into a premium one. To apply the same editing on your photo, you need to get all the PNGs, Background, and Lightroom preset I have used, So keep your eye focus on the post to achieve those editing materials. 

Snapseed creative wings

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And as we know this is the last day of 2020, So I am wishing you a Very Happy New Year in advance. For the new year celebration I have created Two New Year Concept, don't forget to check those editing. In the last post, I have told you about How You Can Change The Background of your photos and give a better effect, check out that post to learn that editing. 

Snapseed creative wings

What is the difference between both the photos which I have used in the thumbnail?

There are lots of difference in both the photos which are on the above thumbnail, If you focus on both the photos, the major difference you will find is the color of both the photos are different, the left photo has a very dull looking color same as I described above and the right photo have best color effect after editing. The left photo has a light grain color and the trees in the background are light green which is making the photo dull and after apply the color toning effect on the same photo the grass and trees color changes into a mixture of yellow and orange color. Also, I have edited his face color by giving a bright effect.

How I Edited this Photo

To edit this photo, you will need the lightroom preset, light png, and the procedure I have done on my youtube Channel AF Edit. First of all, you need to get all the things I have mentioned in the above line and after taking editing materials, you need to use the mobile snapseed app and mobile lightroom app to edit. to know the process of editing please visit my Youtube channel AF Edit.


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