Snapseed Dream Butterfly Photo Editing - [AF EDIT]


Snapseed Dream Butterfly

Hello lovely people, how are you all doing, I hope you are performing extremely well. So as per your demand, I am here with my another photo editing trick. The name of today's editing is Snapseed Dream Butterfly Photo Editing. Here I will show guys about how you can turn or change your normal background of any photo into a Dream Butterfly background just by using my Background and PNG, today I am not proving any lightroom preset to you because today's editing is done without using the mobile lightroom app. Yes, today's editing is done with the help of the Mobile snapseed app only. Because you people are saying from some time, that to make video without using any preset. So finally I decided to make a concept without any preset. A few posts back when I uploaded a post of Snapseed Heart Sky Background change, that time in my thumbnail I have used this Dream Butterfly concept, and after that, you guys commented so many times to make a video on the Butterfly concept and finally, your comment is now successful. Also if you want me to make a video on the left side butterfly concept then you can comment me as you have done before and I will definitely make a video on that concept.

Snapseed Dream Butterfly

About the photo, I have used in the thumbnail

I have used two different photos on the thumbnail, model, editing, color, and everything are totally different in today's thumbnail ut the concept is almost the same. The photo which I have used on the left side of the thumbnail is also a type of butterfly photo editing, where the photo is in the dramatic theme, the butterfly I have used is, full white butterfly, just looking like they are here from heaven. And on the other side for what you are here Dream Butterfly Photo Editing, here I have used the background which is filled with some butterflies, and also I have used one Butterfly PNG. The color effect I have used is very light and perfect.

Snapseed Dream Butterfly

What app I have used for today's editing

Today I have used only one app, which is a mobile snapseed app, this app is absolutely free of cost to get, you can easily get it from the Google Playstore app.

How you can Edit Your Dream Butterfly Editing
  • The first thing you need to do is you have get the snapseed app from the Play Store.
  • Then again come to my website and get the editing materials that I have provided in this particular post.
  • Then open your snapseed app and the butterfly background.
  • Then go to the double exposure tool and add the photo which you like to edit.
  • Then adjust it to the perfect place.
  • Now go to the edit stake tool and remove the background of the photo that you have added.
  • Then click the tick button.
  • After that again go to the double exposure tool and add the Butterfly PNG.
  • Adjust it and do some color adjustment.
  • Now your photo is successfully edited.


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