Snapseed Creative Background Photo Editing Trick - [AF Edit]

Snapseed Creative Background

Hello ladies and gentlemen, what's up, hope you are extremely amazing. So another new day and I am here with another new photo editing trick. Today's photo editing is very much creative because today I choose a different theme, and I am very sure that you can't find this anywhere. Before this, I have created many photo editing tutorials like, for the new year I created New Year Concept, for Christmas I created Christmas Concept, and there are so many sky background changing photo editing I have created and absolutely I had seen your love to me as one of my sky background changing trick got viral and it crosses more than 1.5 lakhs views, just because of your love, that you always show to me. So the concept of today's editing is, I will change the background of a normal photo which has a normal background into the Circle Widely Spread Lightning Background, and only I have not changed the background but also added one another lightning PNG which you will find downward, also I have done some color adjustment to make it look amazing. Hope you will make this concept viral as you always do. And If you want to check my previous post then click all those above links to get those Background, PNG, and Lightroom Preset.


Snapseed Creative Background

What I have Edited

As I always do in almost all my thumbnail, the before-after photo, so in today's post also I have done the same. I have the non-edited photo on the left side and the edited photo on the right side. The background on the non-edited photo is of the shop shutter which is closed and the model on that photo is standing by putting his left hand inside his pocket and his right hand outside his pocket and he is looking by bending his head 45 degrees left, the color of Pant, shirt, and goggles are black and he is wearing white color shoes. Now on the other side, that is on the right side, everything is the same but the background I have used is different from the non-edited side and I also adjusted the color of the model's face and body.

Snapseed Creative Background

What are the apps I have used for creating Creative Editing

As always I have used the mobile lightroom app and the mobile snapseed app for creating the Creative Background Change Photo editing. Snapseed and the mobile lightroom are very very amazing app which you easily get from the play store app in android and from Appstore in iPhone. Both the apps are very easy to use, you can check the editing process from the below paragraph or also you can watch my video on my youtube channel AF Edit.

How I have Created the Creative Background Photo Editing

  • Firstly you have to get the snapseed and the lightroom apps from the playstore.
  • Then get all the editing materials I have provided to you.
  • After that open your mobile snapseed app and there click the add photo option to add the Lightning Background.
  • Then after your background open, you have to click the double exposure tool, so that you can add the photo that you want to edit.
  • After adding your photo from the double exposure tool you have set the position of your photo that you have added from the double exposure tool.
  • Now go to the edit stake tool to remove all the background of your original photo.
  • Now after that process you have to do some color adjustment, which you watch on my Youtube channel AF Edit.
  • Now after completing all processes you have to share your edited photo into the lightroom app to add the preset.
  • If you want to learn How to paste the setting of prest in your photo then read that post.


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