New Snapseed Instagram Viral Photo Editing - [AF Edit]

Snapseed Instagram Viral

Hey guys, how are you, hope you are absolutely well. Due some issue I didn't uploaded this post with the video, and today I am upload this on my official website. Sorry for the delay. After this post I have created so many photo editing tricks, I hope you all have watch those videos, those videos are Snapseed background change, Snapseed another sky background changeSnapseed Color Toning trickPicsArt creative photo editing, and I got very awesome response from you all, keep supporting like this, because these things motivate me to make more videos on editing topic. If you guys want to check those videos that I have mentioned above then you can click those links provide above, now let us talk about the today's topic, my today video is related about how you can change the background of your photo with Instagram Like background. This photo editing is will not only show you how to change Instagram Like background but also you will get to know how you can tone color of your photo. 

Snapseed Instagram Viral

About the photo I have edited

I have used one photo for editing and in the thumbnail I showed you before and after effect, as you can see that there are photo and both the photos are same but the only difference is the editing. The left side photo is non-edited photo and the right side photo is edited one. To know how I have created this photo you have be in this post and you have to achive the editing materials used. So our model in the photo is with Rx100 bike, where he is standing in front of the bike with his right leg in the footrest of the bike and another leg is on the ground, his one hand is like he is holding his T-shirt and another hand is in front, the background in that non-edited photo is without clouds and the color of the photo is very dull and after the editing the sky color changes to cloudy sky and color toned in the editing side.

How I have edited the photo 

There so many steps for the editing which include the use of double exposure tool, color tuning tool, preset pasting tool and many more, for detail you can check the related video ont he YouTube Channel AF Edit. The required app for the editing are mobile Lightroom app and the mobile Snapseed app.

Snapseed Instagram Viral

How To Change The Background Into Sky Background

  • The first step is you have to get all the necessary apps from the Play Store app.
  • Then again come to my website and get the editing materials that I have provided.
  • Now After That, you have to add the photo in which you want to add the sky.
  • After adding the photo you have to go to the double exposure tool to add the sky background.
  • After your Instagram background added you have to adjust the size and shift it to add.
  • Then remove the sky from where you don't want it.
  • Then after you have to share the preset into the mobile lightroom app and there you have to paste the preset settings.

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