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Creative Visual Editing

Hii people, how are doing, hope you all are absolutely fine. After a long time I am editing the photo with the help of PicsArt. Today's editing going to be awesome because today I used the dramatic theme, no one has created video on this dramatic PicsArt photo editing, there are so many videos on the YouTube, but you will not see any of them edited with the help of PicsArt. I gave the name of this editing, Visual Manipulation Photo Editing. During the busy days of New Year and Cristmas, I was not uploading video on PicsArt concept, but finally after so many day I thought to creat video with the help of PicsArt, I think it's almost one or two month I have been not uploading video with PicsArt. Now I am thinking that I will upload PicsArt video every week. So if you want video on the PicsArt topic then give me your decision by commeting down below or you can also comment me on my YouTube channel AF Edit. Guys the last post was very special because that topic was about the Miss You concept, with the help of that editing you can turn your simple photos into Miss you photo editing concept so to edit your photo like that you can see that post by clicking the above link. And if you want to know how to change the background of any photo then you can see that post.

Creative Visual Editing

About the Visual Manipulation Editing

Guys, as you can see that I have used to photos on the thumbnail, but if you that photo is showing before and after effect. In this photo editing there is not only given the dramatic effect but also I have changed the background of the original photo into moon background. In the original photo you can see that the original background is of the shop shutter which is giving very dull effect on the photo but after changing the bacground you can see the difference, how beautiful it is looking, you can also do the same by using the same trick that I have used in the PicsArt app.

Creative Visual Editing

What I used for editing

I used the mobile PicsArt app for the editing of Visual Manipulation Editing. The process of editing is too easy, you can edit your photo the same I have edited, only you need to watch my videos on my YouTube channel AF Edit.


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