Snapseed Sky Background Change Photo Editing Trick - [AF Edit]

Snapseed Sky Background Editing

Hello boys and girls, again I am welcoming you in my new post whose video is uploaded today (27th December) on my youtube channel AF Edit, If you haven't watched that video till now then do visit my youtube channel and watch that video first and then come back to the post again. And if you are here after watching the video, then you are in very right place. You will get the same, what you want to achieve from this article. Yes, now I think you understand, here you will going to achieve the Preset, Background, and PNGs used in today's photo editing, as you can see that I have the editing before and after images on the thumbnail so that you can identify the quality of editing is done in today's videos or in post. My last post was almost on the same concept, but the difference on that post was the "theme". The last post was about Snapseed Moon Background Change Photo editing, you can also check that post. Also there I have uploaded the New Year Photo Editing Concept for 2021 new year photos.

Snapseed Sky Background Editing

Before and After Effect of Photo Used

As you can see that there are two photos on the thumbnail which is showing the before and after-effects of the editing done in today's post. There is so much difference between both the photos because the left side photo which is looking very dull is non-edited, and the photo used on the right side is an edited photo. The photo on the non-edited side is not looking good because of the color. The color is looking very dull, and also you can see that the sky doesn't have clouds, which is giving very simple effect to the photo and also model face, and body-color is very dark, due to these many problems on the left side, makes the photo looks very dull, and on the other side, on the edited side you can see the face and body color, overall color which is providing blue tone effect and also after adding the cloud PNG, the photo is looking amazing. You can also do the same on your photo by using the simple tricks which I have used, get all the PNGs, Background, and Lightroom preset from below to edit your photo like the same provided in the above thumbnail.

Snapseed Sky Background Editing

What apps I have used for editing

To create these types of photo editing you will only need a mobile snapseed app and the mobile lightroom app. I have also used the same apps for editing the photo like above, using both the apps are very easy you can also do the same with some simple tricks, to know the tricks to use the apps you can watch my videos on my youtube channel AF Edit.

Snapseed Sky Background Editing

How to edit your Photo and Change your Background to the sky background.

I have told you the steps, how you can edit your photo, I mean hoe you can change the background, how you can the PNG, and also how you can apply the preset on Snapseed Atarv Raut Photo Editing


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