Snapseed Creative Sky Photo Editing - [AF Edit]

Snapseed photo editing

Hey people, again welcome to my new post, in today's post I am going to share with you the Snapseed Creative Sky Photo Editing. This editing is done on the mobile with the help of simple steps in the mobile snapseed app. You can also edit your photo like same as I have edited by reading the steps provided downwards. Get the Background from my website to edit.

Snapseed photo editing

About Edited Photos

In today's thumbnail, we have two differently edited photos which are on the left and right side of the thumbnail. The left photo in the thumbnail is what we have edited and the right photo is to show you that you can edit your photos like the same with the following steps provided in today's post. Let's talk about the photos of the above thumbnail. If you watch the left photo then you can see that the background is of the sky and wall and also our title is related to the same, creative sky photo editing. The model on the left photo is sitting on the wall bt looking right and his one hand is on the upper part of the wall and another hand is between the legs, on the other side if you see the right side photo then our model is standing by looking backward and the background on the right photo is of the burning building and car.

Snapseed photo editing

About The App Used

To edit this photo I have used snapseed app. Snapseed is the best app for beginners, this app is very easy to used without any problem. You can turn your photos into better-looking photos. This photo editing is done by doing a few steps.


- Good quality background
- No breakage while zooming
- Easy to use
- Best color quality
- Free of cost

Snapseed Photo Editing

How to use creative sky background

- Get the snapseed app from the play store.
- open your snapseed app on your phone.
- Then tap on the add photo section to add your photo.
- Then go to the double exposure tool to add the background.
- And turn the opacity of the added background to +100.
- Then go back to the menu bar.
- And then go to the edit stake tool.
- After that go to the view edit in the edit stake.
- Then click the pencil icon to remove the background from your face and body.
- Then again click the tick button.
- After that go to the menu bar and tap on the vintage tool.
- And increase the vintage to +30.
- Steps are so much, so you can watch my video on my youtube channel AF Edit.

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