New Snapseed winter Snow Photo Editing - [AF Edit]

Snapseed Photo editing

Hey folks, welcome back again to the new post, here in today's article we will share with you the editing tips of how to edit your photo into the winter snow photo. The month of November and December is the month of a heavy cold. The morning just looks like the same as the above and if we try to click pictures with nature, the quality of the image does not cool as it looks with the naked eyes. To enhance and give a better effect to your simple photo we have created the winter snow photo editing trick. With the help of this editing, your simple photo can turn into a beautiful snow falling photo by using snowfall PNG.

Snapseed Photo editing

About Edited Photo

The above-edited photo is just a normal photo with normal colours and scene, if you focus on the background, you can see trees behind the model and the colour of trees are normal green. But when edited the photo, then the colour of trees and background turn into light grey colour and also we have added some snow falling effect by creating our own PNG. There are two photos in the above thumbnail and both the photos are edited just like same, but the model in both the photos are different, and also the pose of the models are different. In the left photo, model is sitting on the railing and in the right photo model is sitting on the road, the reason of telling the detail is just to show you that you can edit any photos with any pose.

Snapseed Photo editing

App Used

To edit this photo you will only need a mobile snapseed app, this editing only need few steps to edit. Snapseed is the best app through which you can give better effect in any photos, using snapseed app is very simple. To use snapseed app you can read the instruction provided in the snapseed app or you can watch my videos to learn, how to edit.


- No bugs
- Free to get
- Premium colours
- High-quality Png
- Easy to use

Snapseed Photo editing

How To Use Winter Snow Png

- Open Snapseed app.
- Then add your photo which you want to edit.
- Then tap menu bar and select tune image.
- Then retouch your photo.
- Turn the saturation to (-100), so that your whole photo turn black and white.
- Then click the tick button.
- Then go to edit stake tool and their view edit.
- Then clear the black and white colour from your face and body.
- Then again go to the menu bar and select the white balance tool.
- Then in white balance tool, decrease the temperature to (-20) and increase the tint to (+5 to 10)
- Then go to double exposure and add the winter snow png and move the blending mode to ADD.
- After following all the process, your photo will edit.
- If you still did not understand how to edit, then you can check my video on youtube.

Device Requirements  

- Android 5.0 +
- 2 GB Ram
- 3 GB Internal Space

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