New Snapseed Color Grading Trick - Snapseed Color Panel [AF Edit].

Snapseed Photo Editing

Hey guys, how are you. Again new day and again we are here with another photo editing trick, which can give your simple photo a new look. What is editing? Editing is, turning your dull and simple photos into better-looking photos. So, today the same we are going to do in this article, we will turn the simple photo into a premium photo as the same shown in the thumbnail with some easy steps in the Mobile Snapseed App.

Snapseed Photo Editing

About The Edited Photo

In the above thumbnail, we have two same photos, on the left and right side, but the difference between both the photos is editing, the left side photo is without edited and the right one is shown after editing. So let us talk about the thumbnail as if you see the left photo which is not edited, you can see that the photo is very dull looking, the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, and all are not adjusted perfectly just because that photo is natural. Natural means, that this photo is captured and uploaded, without editing. On the other hand, the photo on the right side is perfectly adjusted, the brightness, contrast, saturation, and all. Also after applying the color panel on the photo, it became more beautiful. 

Snapseed Photo Editing

About the app used for Editing

We have used the Mobile Snapseed App to edit this photo, this editing took us only 10 to 15 minutes. That means the editing of photos with the Snapseed app is very easy, you can use it to give a better effect to your photos. If you are a beginner then you can learn editing by reading the instruction given in the app or also you can watch my videos to edit like a professional.

Feature of Color Panel

- High quality color panel.
- Easy to use in Snapseed App.
- No bugs while using.
- Blue color panel.

Snapseed Photo Editing

How to do Color Grading

- Open your Snapseed App.
- Open your photo in your Snapseed app
- Then adjust the color from tune image.
- Then add the Color Panel from double exposure tool.
- After that click the tick button.
- And then go to the edit stake tool.
- Tap the pencil button and erase the color from your face and body.
- Then again click the tick button.
- Again adjust the color if you feel that your photo color is not adjusted perfectly.
- For easy steps watch my video on AF Edit youtube channel.

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