New Snapseed Deep Cyan Colour Effect Trick - [AF Edit]

 Lightroom Photo editing

Hey buddies, how are you doing? After a long time, I am creating the editing in which lightroom presets have been used. After three posts on Instagram Creative Photo Editing, I finally brought a new technique of editing by using the only two mobile apps. This editing is done by changing the background, by retouching, and the main thing by using the lightroom preset. Guys, always I try to give the best version of photo editing, which takes a lot of effort to create, my only request is to watch the full video on my youtube channel AF Edit and also visit my website from time to time.

Lightroom Photo editing

About the Deep Cyan Colour Effect

As our thumbnail is unique from the beginning, I mean after developing this type of thumbnail in the editing line makes the editing to identify the before and after effect. So, as our thumbnail is very unique and you can also see the two photos on a thumbnail, and both the photos are of before and after effect. The first photo which is on the left side of the thumbnail is of the before effect of the photo and also you can see that left photo is not looking so good as compare to the right photo even though the position and posing of both the photos are same. After editing and putting the after effect of the same photo, shows the quality of editing I have done.

Lightroom Photo editing

What I used for Editing

I used the mobile snapseed app and mobile lightroom app for the editing of Snapseed Deep Cyan Colour Trick. The process of editing is very easy, anyone can edit the same that I have done in today's post even a beginners can easily do the same. Just I have changed the background from the snapseed app and pasted the preset from the mobile lightroom app

Features of the preset

  • Hight quality preset.
  • Easy to use.
  • No need to do extra colour adjustments.
  • Premium look.
  • No bugs.
  • No problems.  
Snapseed Background

Features of Green Background

  • High quality background.
  • No crack while zooming.
  • Best colour.
  • Perfect Colour adjustment.

How use the background and preset to edit your photo like the thumbnail.

The process of editing very simple, I have already told the procedure for editing in the previous post Instagram Trending Post also check our more post by click this link  Snapseed Color Grading Trick

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