Snapseed Instagram Viral Photo Editing - [AF Edit]

Snapseed Photo Editing

Hello Friends, how are you, again we are here with the new concept of photo editing, our today's concept is based on Instagram photo editing. We have edited the viral concept of Instagram by changing the background and doing retouch. This concept is very amazing to apply to your photo, by doing the same steps told in this article you can edit your normal photo like above provided in the thumbnail. 

Snapseed Photo Editing

About the Photo, we have Edited

Again our thumbnail show you two different photos and both photos are differently edited, the first photo which is on the left side is not fully Instagram photo editing, it is bar code plus Instagram photo editing and the second photo is on the right side is Viral Instagram concept. On the left side the bar code is in the background and the on the front, and also the Instagram pattern is shown as a bar code on the front part of the t-shirt, our model is standing putting his right hand on the front and left hand straight on the side part of the body and his t-shirt is bluish-black, on the other side that means on the right side we have fully Instagram background which is pasted on the wall, wall pattern is square, the same editing we have shown in our video. Here the model is standing by showing full-body, his both hand is like he is holding the t-shirt, he is wearing a red t-shirt and bluish-black pant.

Snapseed Photo Editing

About the app used for editing the Instagram concept

We have two different apps for editing the Instagram viral concept, first app we have used is Snapseed app and the second app we have used is Lightroom app. Using both the apps are very easy, you can use the sanpseed and lightroom app to edit the Instagram concept.

Snapseed Photo Editing

Steps to edit Instagram Concept

  • Get your snapseed and Lightroom app from play store.
  • Also get presets, and background from our website.
  • Open your background in the snapseed app from the add photo section.
  • Then add your photo from the double exposure.
  • Click the tick button.
  • Then after that go to the edit stake and remove the background of your original photo.
  • After that again click the tick button.
  • Adjust your photo colour from tune image.
  • And then send your photo into your lightroom app.
  • After that, copy the setting of the provided preset and go to the photo that you have edited from the snapseed app.
  • And paste the setting into your photo.


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