CHANDA ZAVERI - When dreams fly high

 A story

He had many dreams in his eyes. This girl from a Marwari family studying in Kolkata University wanted to do something that she would get the Nobel Prize. It is 1984. He got a bachelor's degree and felt as if the dreams had got wings. But the family had set something else for him. The housemates tell him that his marriage has been finalized. He protested, stiff opposition. But everything was useless. All his prayers went unheard. And then one day this girl ran away from home. She was a minor, and also alone. There was no one with him, just with high spirits and strong desire to fly high. With this spirit, he flew from Kolkata to America. She now ranks among the world's top entrepreneurs. She is a billionaire and owns several companies. His name is Chanda Javeri.


College day

It was about thirty years ago. Chanda was a young woman in those days. She attended Kolkata University. Like the rest of the college girls, she was not particularly interested in traveling or watching movies. Most of the time, she was lost in books. Then came the day, which he was eagerly waiting for. He received a bachelor's degree in biology. There were many dreams in my eyes. She wanted to do research in biology. She had heard the stories of all the Nobel winners and wanted her name to be included in the list of winners one day. The family members were happy that the daughter graduated, so that it will be easier to find a qualified groom for this. They soon settled Chanda's marriage.

Marriage opposition

Chanda did not want to spend her life in the household after getting married. They did not understand what to do. He asked the parents to stop the marriage, but he did not listen to one of the donations. Chanda then remembered David Ross, who lived in Boston. In fact, Davis Ross came to visit India a few days ago as a tourist. He was in Kolkata in those days. One day while traveling, he fell unconscious on the road of Kolkata. Chanda helped him as a responsible citizen. David was impressed by them. He gave Chanda his visiting card and said that whenever help is needed, call me. During this first meeting, Chanda felt that David was a good person. However, he never thought that David would be so helpful to him in the future.

Off to america

Chanda was very upset to hear about the wedding. She called David and told him the whole thing and said that she wanted to come to America for higher education. David agreed to help them. Chanda did not have the money to buy plane tickets. He sold his diamond ring and ear tops. Chanda knew very well that if the family came to know, it would be impossible for them to go to America. She had decided not to marry, no matter what happened. Somehow raised money for foreign travel and left for America. She was only 17 years old then.

rough day

The opening days were tough in America. She had to work as a maid for a few days to make a living. David was helping them, but everything was not so easy. A lot of money was needed to live and eat abroad and then study. They had no work. Chanda was understanding that the road was very difficult. Then one day David suddenly met Chanda with his father-in-law. David's father-in-law was a very altruistic human being. He helped Chanda in every way. With her help, she was able to start her further studies. Chanda earned a Masters degree in Molecular Biology from the University of California. He later did his PhD in Biochemistry from California Institute of Technology. It is as if Chanda has got the wish of her wish. She wanted to study and had the facility to read them here. She drowned in studies. After this, Chanda never looked back.

Start of business

Chanda specializes in anti-aging skin care and cancer care treatment. This beginning was quite interesting. Chanda says, in those days I became sick, my skin was pale. I made a paste to improve my skin. Gave this paste to his neighbor as well. She was very happy to see its effect on the skin. Then I started making skin care products. In the year 1994, Chanda decided to start her own business. His first product, Beetu Activagen, did a great job in the market. People have embraced this skin care product. Today Chanda is the world's top molecular biologist. She is the founder and mistress of companies such as Activision and Helix.

Such passion

Even though the donations are owned by crores of rupees, earning money is not their only objective. She sees research work in her companies, as her real passion is to find something new for people's health. The company is managed by his brother. Chanda says that if you want to do something in life, then you should not be in your mind. Just do what you want to do.

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