Mary Kom - Scolded for becoming champion

 Born to a poor family, that little girl never thought that one day she would become the world champion. Waking up in the morning to study at a nearby school, helping parents to cut wood in the forest and then taking care of younger siblings at home. Childhood was spent in a similar routine. It seemed good to play from childhood, but did not know that in future it would become his career. Parents did not understand the importance of sports, so hiding from them took boxing training. She wanted to help the family with the money from sports. Father became very rebuked for being the state boxing champion. He said that no one will marry a boxed girl. Today he is married, mother of two and also world champion. The world knows her as Mary Kom.

Mary Kom

Elder daughter

Born in 1983 in a poor family in Manipur, Mary Kom is the elder daughter of the family. The father asked for Tonpa Kom and mother Akham Kom then used to survive in the fields somehow. After studying up to eighth grade in a government school in the village, Mary Kom joined the primitive caste high school in Imphal, but continued to pursue further studies. He had two younger sisters and one brother in the family. Due to poverty, childhood was spent in a lot of trouble. Interest in sports was from childhood. During classes six to eight, she participated in sports competitions held in the school. Then she wished in her mind that she will grow up to become a famous player and will brighten her family's name. She wanted to earn money by becoming a player and give a better life to her family.

Boxing inspiration

The real dream started when the fifth National Games were held in Manipur. He first saw female boxers there. Then I thought why should I also become a boxer. It is 1998. At the same time, Manipur's boxer Dinko Singh returned from the Asian Games with a gold medal. It was as if there was a revolution in Manipur. Every child was eager to become a boxer. The girls also wanted to try their luck in this game. The success of Dinko Singh inspired him to become a boxer. Mary Kom started taking boxing training in the year 2000 and learned the basics of boxing in just two weeks of training. Then Mary realizes that she has an innate boxing talent, all she needs is to refine her. She says, "People used to make fun of me then. It used to be said that boxing is a boys' game. It is not about the power of girls. I decided that I would show them by proving that girls can also become excellent boxers. I promised myself and did it. '

Family conflict

Mary was enjoying boxing. Dreams had got wings, but did not dare to tell the housemates about it. Parents used to think that boxing is a boys' game. Mary knew that the housemates would never let her become a boxer. He continued training, hiding from parents. When her photo appeared in the newspaper when she first became the Women's State Boxing Champion, the family came to know that her daughter had become a boxer. Mary still remembers how my father was enraged by seeing the photo. He said that no boy will marry you after seeing your hurt face. Boxing does not suit girls. There was a lot of scolding. ”Despite this, Mary Buland joined the Sports Authority of India with fresh courage. He started training under the supervision of coach Ibomcha Singh. At the age of 18, Mary competed in the first Women's World Boxing Championship. The championship was held in the US. Where Mary's victory began with the Silver Medal.

Marriage and children

Mary married her friend Onler Kom in 2005. In 2006, Mary became the mother of two twins. But marriage and children did not become an obstacle in Mary's career. Mary has publicly acknowledged several times that she has had the support of her husband and family. Mary took a break of two years after the birth of the children. In 2008, she returned to the boxing world. After the break Mary won the Silver Medal in the Asian Women's Boxing Championship held in India. The same year won the gold medal at the Women's World Championship held in China. After this victory she received the title of Magnificent Mary.

Record and award

Mary has won the World Boxing Championship five times in a row. She is the only Indian woman boxer who got a chance to go to the 2012 Olympics. At the Olympics, he brought India a bronze medal. Mary has been honored with several national and international awards including Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Ajurn Award. Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is making a film based on his life, Mary Kom. The film stars actress Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom. Mary has started a Women's Fight Club in Imphal to protect girls from violence. In this club, hundreds of girls are trained in self-defense. She believes, "Man should never give up. Luck always gives you another chance. When I can become a world champion by being a mother of two, why not you? Try it. '

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