Snapseed Rain Photo Editing 2021 - [AF Edit]

Snapseed Rain Photo Editing

Hello guys, what's going on, hope you all performing extremely amazing. As I told you in my previous post that I will post at least one or two posts every week of creative photo editing. And as you know my last post which was Snapseed Dragon Photo Editing where I showed you guys that how you can add the Dragon background in your photos and make it a creative photo. So, today's post is also related to the previous photo editing, in this photo editing trick I am going to show you guys how you can add the mini-city effect in your photo by just changing the background, not only this but if you see the background it comes with the simple color effect, so to make it more amazing I have given the dramatic color effect. If you guys want your photo to be edited like the same as it is now looking on the thumbnail then be on my post and get all the editing materials that I have provided in this particular post. Also if you want more editing materials then you can visit the link provided below. Get all Editing Materials.

Snapseed Rain Photo Editing

About the photo on the thumbnail

I have used two photos on the thumbnail where one is an edited photo and the other one is the non-edited photo. The edited photo is on the right side of the thumbnail and the non-edited photo is on the left side of the thumbnail, everything on both the photos are the same but the background that I have used for editing is different from the normal photo. Non-edited photo have a simple road background where the model is sitting on the traffic road with an extremely amazing pose and on the edited side to make it more creative I have used the traffic road but the city on the background is of small size compared to the model size.

Snapseed Rain Photo Editing

The apps I have used.

As always I have used my best two apps for editing, which also you have seen on my video on my youtube channel AF Edit. And the name of the two apps are the Mobile snapseed app, and the mobile lightroom app.

How you can edit your photo as the thumbnail

  • To edit your photo like same as the above, then you will the two apps that I have told you on the above lines.
  • Now get all the editing materials that I have provided in this post.
  • Now open your snapseed app and add the background that you have achieved from this website.
  • After that process, you have to go to the double exposure tool and there you have to add the photo that you willing to edit.
  • Now adjust it the same as I have adjusted.
  • Then go to the edit stake tool and remove the background of the original photo.
  • And then click the tick button.
  • After proceeding with all the steps you have to share the photo into Mobile lightroom apps to paste the preset settings.
  • You can learn the steps of pasting presets from here.

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