Yellapragada Subbarow - The Miracle man of Medicine

 That study had to be missed, in which success was not seen far and wide. Failing twice in matriculation, I could not understand how to pass? How to study in mind The mind was so fickle that wherever there was a voice, it would run away and once run away, it would be very hard to return it. His studies looked cumbersome and all other subjects of the world looked interesting. The mind used to stay in the books of mathematics, because the door was solved there. Once the method was found out, then continue to solve the questions, but the remaining topics were mountains. Hopefully! If there was a test of only one subject, success would kiss the steps, but here many subjects used to throw water on the earnings of mathematics. The image had become that this boy does not feel like studying, went from village to city, but failed there too!

Yellapragada Subbarow

Fate also showed back from above, the father's shadow arose prematurely. Had to return to the village. It was 18 years of age and it was seen that now further studies would be stopped. The burden of living, commuting and examination fees etc. was heavy in the city. These were such big expenses, in front of which it seemed certain to kneel. But one day, the mother stood in front of her full enthusiasm, "Come on, dam your luggage." Exam days are coming, you have to succeed this time '.

The son was stunned. The mother took out the money from Aanchal and proceeded towards the son, saying, 'Lay your travel expenses and examination fees'.

The question was really, 'Amma, where did the money come from?'

Mother folded her eyes and said, 'I sold my remaining jewelry, your education is most important'.

After the father's passing, the son swayed in the heart, looking into the broken mother's numb eyes. Despite her failing twice, the mother's trust remains. She is spending her oldest capital on son's studies. Seeing this form of mother, the son woke up from a sleep accident. He is breaking the expectation of such a loving mother twice, and even now the confusion is so much that even the third time preparations are made to break. The mother stands by selling her jewelry that the son should pass, after studying, something can be made and the son is such that he cannot control his mind. Where the whole life is at stake, is a test disturbing? Damn the son's mind. After a few moments of intense silence, the mind decided and said, 'Amma, I have to earn a name, only then my life will be meaningful.'

The mother's dedication to the son's good education was not new. Now the son was able to understand how he was running away from home. Five years ago, there was a plan to earn money selling bananas by reaching far Kashi. There was a delay in returning from school, then the mother had run in search and caught the running son and explained that do not be afraid of poverty, only minding from studies. At that time, the son was not able to understand, but when the mother sold her jewelry, the son got so much confidence that there was no scope for failure or failure in life. The process of success began. Matriculation first and then medical college, but bad luck also did not stop. Due to a disease in the small intestine called Tropical Spur, the elder brother and then the younger brother died. Perseverance grew that through medical studies and research, the cure for this disease is to be found. There was no research facility in India. Going abroad was helpless. In 1923, Mother's red yellapragada Subbarao went out to do something.

In America, on one side there was a caravan of struggle, on the other side, there was a bright series of achievements. The first folic acid, anti-folic acid, ATP-energy for life, phosphorus method, filariasis, vitamin B12, etc., many basic achievements were achieved by Subbarao (1895–1948). Sankochi Subbarao, who was always away from campaigning, continued to serve science in America for 25 years. Along with the discovery of the treatment of the disease which the brothers had taken from the world, the foundation of cancer treatment - chemotherapy is also recorded in Subbarao's account. He left the world at the age of 53, embarking on a dream of returning to India. After his death, a newspaper wrote, 'He was one of the most eminent medical minds of the century', then someone recorded the lord of India Mother honoring him with the honor, 'Stunning among the dwarfs'.

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