Marlon Brando - American actor and director

 Those people who are very rich, who indulge in love even in the eyes, and who gets a look of love, then no one is more fortunate than that. That is why it is said that the mother is the richest and the children are the happiest in her area. However, it is also the natural charisma of nature that if a mother is a pauper in the matter of love, then her child will obviously be unlucky. But what is so bad that the heart is longing for an eye full of affection! If the mother or father looks at either of them, then there is peace. The army salesman's father used to leave the house as if all his responsibilities were settled outside and the actress mother used to return home as if one leg was left out.

Marlon Brando

There was no shortage of resources, but children were growing up with a lot of confidence. Whenever mother and father met, it was known that there was enmity. There was an open fight, it was raining dirt on the neighborhood. The hands which had to carry the religion of calling, used to raise such hands that it seemed that the father has not returned from the first world war, right now he is doing two or two hands there. Chances of improvement did not appear far and wide. Lack of mutual love and dedication made the parents merciless, and it hurts the children equally.

That child Marlon was passing through mental violence many times more than physical violence. Keep thinking how to attract attention of mother and father? What to do so that they get a look? They may be forced to watch and in their cramped life they get some happiness from their child too. By the way, Marlon knew that mother and father are very happy to do every possible thing in their world. They do not care about children, but what to do if they spend two moments with their children too?

One day, the mother was found sitting in the house and Marlon started demonstrating her new ability, so that the mother could see through her eyes. Marlon began acting as a cow that was beloved by her mother. The mother looked at the antics of her son, and there was happiness in her eyes. The son was delighted. The biggest thing was that he did something that mother liked and mother saw. The heart of that eleven-year-old child became a garden. A way was found that acting is the art on which the mother can reside. The cow was happy to act, then it was cheesy. Then sometimes the horse acting, sometimes the acting of a neighboring child, a series started.

Sometimes father would see, but never praise. Always proved his son incompetent. He used to say clearly, you cannot do anything in life. Mother would not have been praised, even if she could have seen it, it would have been amazing. Marlon came to know that if you want to attract attention, then act better than ever, give life, live the character you are playing. And why all this? Just for a look filled with love. For mother and father. For a few moments of happiness. Moments, on whose foundation stood the world's most outstanding actor.

There is hardly anyone in the entertainment world who would not know actor Marlon Brando (1924–2004). After realizing the Godfather and many other characters on the big screen, Marlon made childhood torture and tragedy his artistic weapon. The spoiled father may not be able to improve, but one day he came, when standing at the side of the beaten mother and putting a pistol from the father's temple, said, 'Look, this is the last time, never touch hands now, otherwise I will not leave '.

Whenever there was a need to show anger on the screen, Marlon would remember his father and the anger spontaneously erupted. Although he succeeded his father as a filmmaker and took full care of his needs, but after the father's death he would often laugh and say that the man would come out for a few seconds, so I broke his jaw Give. And the year Marlon received her first Oscar Award for acting, the same year as her mother departed the world realized that there was a huge shortage of children to raise. He expressed regret, but what is the use? When it was meant to be, it was done.

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