Dadasaheb Phalke - Start Era of indian Cinema by making Raja Harishchandra

 In those days, all Sundays were named after plays. Sometimes father would go alone, sometimes father and son would both leave. The drama was so fond of watching that hardly any performance in the city could remain undiscovered. The father had a keen interest in painting and art. Had seen a lot of pictures, one day got ready to watch a movie, the discussions were heard a lot. The father and son reached, the name of the movie was Amazing Animals. Some had thought that pictures would be seen in turn, but here, whatever would be seen in the picture, would suddenly go away.

Dadasaheb Phalke

 Although the pictures are still paused, but here the pictures were not taking the name of stopping. There is some magic. Perhaps, the pictures have forgotten to stop. Different types of animals were coming on the screen, going, not stopping. What amazing thing happened? Both father and son were very surprised. Could not believe that pictures could run. Film performance was completed while watching. The father's mind was not full and stuck in the movie.

As soon as he returned home, eight-year-old son started telling how the picture went. Neither the other children believed in the house nor their mother. Does it happen somewhere that the pictures start moving on their own? Even the father was not believing, but he came with his eyes, he was shocked. It was decided that the family would also show the same movie. Who is going to believe in speaking like this? When he himself is still feeling betrayed by the eyes, then only the hearer will feel all this.

This was a period when paintings used to be rare in India. Printed books were with few people. Heard about the movie, but could not believe it. However, the child was fascinated by the movie and his father was fascinated. What is this form of art. What is this education that has started to play pictures?

There was a lot of restlessness, so the whole family left for the second day to watch the movie. But this time the movie to be screened was Jesus, The Life of Christ. The family thoroughly enjoyed the movie with an enchanted feeling. The father examined carefully, the lights came out from a machine and the pictures would come to life as soon as they fell on the screen. Used to walk. The father noticed that it is not a movie, but actually a visual. Showing one scene after another. Meaning some such technology has come, which does not just make the picture, but captures the scene and shows it on the screen. It is actually a visual board, not a picture board. The children were not losing sight of the movie and their mother was not able to understand what to say, she was getting stunned.

Pictures from the camera were very visible in life. A nice foreign camera was in the house, but he only used to take pictures and here the scenes were moving. The father's brain was working very fast. The film made on Jesus was by French director Alice G├Âblich. The father-in-law in Indian culture thought that if a film was made on Rama or Krishna instead of Jesus in India, a lot of people would watch. Can it be done Cinematography fascinated the whole family, both small and big, all equally impressed. The family returned from the America India Picture Palace in Goregaon, Bombay, but everyone's mind was left there. Apparently, there were no dialogues in the movie of those days, but even then the discussion of that movie was done in the family for hours.

The film became such a passion that his father moved towards being the grand father of Indian cinema. Dhundiraj Govind Phalke decided, now to get into the movie business. It is an art far beyond printing and photography, something has to be done in it. Phalke became very alive. Dedicated himself to film. Different types of tools started to be collected.

He bought a small film camera and some reels started showing the film at night with the help of candlelight. The passion was such that he started spending four to five hours every evening watching the film. Lack of sleep, deteriorated health. Cataracts struck in the eye, even ceased to be visible, but the obsession was such that the efforts of a doctor returned useful light. Film making progressed rapidly and he made a debut in Indian cinema by making Raja Harishchandra film.

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