James Baldwin - If life is not important, then art is also not important

 Every moment it seemed that there is a huge mountain in front. Push to remove it, then it moves forward. Is there a corridor or window somewhere in this mountain from where to cross? There was no sense of crying in front of the mountain, it seemed that he too was teasing with a sultry. The boy hoped that evening that a window would open in the mountain in front. Although this hope was with day and night, but that day too much had started coming from the heart. It seemed that the teacher was about to come. As soon as the teacher arrives, a window will open in this inexorable mountain, from where a new sky of life will be seen. The teacher said that 'Be prepared, I will come this evening, I will take you to show the drama. It is important to see your real drama.

James Baldwin

Are there people who take the boy from unknown to show drama? Who would think of a boy unknowingly good? Are there such teachers who, after spending their money and time, take one of their students to show drama? The teacher has asked to come, but if not, what will happen? Then the mountain will remain as it is in front and there will be a wait with it.

Father David often says don't expect anything from anyone? The ugly guy in the world should not have any hope. The father was half-hearted, never letting go of any opportunity to humiliate his step-son. If there was even a small deficiency, then the stepfather would take great chances to degrade. The teacher was about to come, should have told father and mother, but did not have the courage to fear. Anyway, the answer was certain, so why would the boy ask for trouble? It was considered bad to watch drama in his family associated with the church. Silently he got ready ahead of time and hunkered down in the house. The teacher could come at any time, the boy's eyelids were lying on his way. The scared inconsolable mind was calling out, 'Teacher, come on. Take me out Since when am I ready?

After waiting momentarily, the teacher started appearing. Pleased with joy, thank you teacher. The teacher stood in front of the father-mother in a few moments, after a proper greeting said, "Where is James?" I have come to take her along. '

The father was shocked that an aristocratic woman had come for his most ugly son? The teacher said, 'You know? Your son writes awesome. Recently wrote a play which was played in school, everyone liked it. I think, give him the right direction, I will take him to show the drama. If you go there, you will learn what is going on in the theater world. '

The boy James noticed, the father's face was dry. He was aghast that the boy named Namura had written the play and the teacher himself came back happy. Now go to see the play with it? Mother was also taken aback, but also a little happy. What the hell is wrong? The teacher is there, she is taking it with her, she will leave by showing drama. But the father's mind did not believe that this could happen. The father wanted to try the denial. Were running He was already apprehensive that education would spoil the boy, the wind would get winded up and if the boy became successful in his eyes, what would happen to his abuses and bad predictions? If someone else refused immediately, but there was a fair skinned teacher in front, then the courage was defeated. Fearing, the father turned his back and the mother said, "You take James away?"

And then James Baldwin (1924–1987) moved in with his teacher, this was the new beginning of his life journey as a writer. The notion that a white person was sitting in his mind had become a hoax that no white could ever wish for a black. Restrictions and fallacies began to collapse that day. The same day the breakup of the mountain that James's biological father had grown in front of him and which his stepfather had made him big and frightening. He wrote a lot of books, but in a book Go Tell It on the Mountain he highlighted both of his fathers. A father, who never appeared and a father, who was always angry, but in life he met the teacher and many people who taught him to hold a finger.

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