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Edited photos

Hey fellows, how are you all doing, hope you all doing extremely amazing. As we all know the month of February is over now and now its March, which is the starting of the summer time, and yes now we started feeling hot in some of the states. So my today's photo editing is totally related to the summer photo editing and also I named my today's photo editing as New Snapseed Summer Photo Editing. Before this photo editing, I have created so many photo editing tricks on some events, on changing season, on new year and etc. If you want to check those photo editing then you can definitely go and check those photo editing by clicking the link. In this photo editing trick I have shown you the trick to change the background of a photo with the different background into some other different background also here in this editing trick I have told the method of creating the presets in the Lightroom app. So be on the post and still you haven't watched my video then first go and watch the related video with same photo editing and be on the post to get the editing material of this photo editing.

Edited Photos

What I have done with the today's thumbnail

In m today's thumbnail you will find the two photos where one photo is non edited and the other photo is edited. The model on both the photos are same that means the today's thumbnail is showing you the before and after effect. In the non edited side you will find that the quality of the image is very poor and the background used on that photo is so simple, which is giving the poor effect on the photo, there the model is sitting on the road side with bending both the legs and his right hand is on his goggles. On the other side the quality of photo is enhanced because of toning the photo in the mobile lightroom app and the background that I have used is showing the best photo effect and the pose of the model is same as on the non edited side.

What are the apps I have used for creating summer photo editing

To create this Snapseed Summer Photo Editing, I have used the two mobile apps and the name of those apps are Mobile Snapseed app and another app that I have used is Mobile Lightroom app. Both the apps are amazing for any types of photo editing, In the snapseed app you can change the background of any photo and with the help of lightroom app you can enhance the color quality of the photo.

How you can create summer photo editing

  • To create this summer photo editing you will need the apps that I have told in the previous paragraph.
  • Then get the background that I am proving you in this post.
  • Open your mobile snapseed app in you mobile and add the background first.
  • Then go to the double exposure tool and add the photo where you want to give summer effect.
  • After that tone your photo if required and then share it into lightroom app.
  • To create your lightroom preset you can watch my video on my youtube channel AF Edit.

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