Snapseed Teal & Orange Effect Tricks - [AF Edit]

Snapseed Teal & orange

Hello boys and girls, how are you all performing, hope you all are performing extremely amazing. My today's concept is based on the lightroom app cc. Here in this post, I am going to show you all how you can edit your photos with the help of lightroom app. In today's post, I am not going to use any background or any PNGs or any other editing materials, only I am editing today's photo with the help of Preset, Actually, whatever presets I create, I always create them myself just by using some features of lightroom app, Yes, I creat all my presets with the help of mobile lightroom app, If you want to learn how to create preset in the mobile lightroom app then you can comment down below or you can also comment us in my youtube channel AF Edit. Also there are so many in this website just done with the help of lightroom app without using any apps. My some editing with the lightroom apps are Snapseed Moody Orange, Snapseed Orange and blou and there are many different and amazing editing you can check.

Snapseed Teal & orange

About the photo I have used in the thumbnail

In today's thumbnail I have used two different photos where everything is different except the editing done. On the left side, photo model is sitting with one leg in front and his another leg is on the back where he is taking support with that leg and his left hand is hanging with the support of his first leg and his right hand is on the forehead which is showing the perfect pose for the photo. Background on the left side is full of grasses and one tree, where after using the preset the color of grass and tree changed to the light brow color. And on the other side, that means on the right side of the thumbnail, the model is sitting with almost same pose and his background is almost the same.

Snapseed Teal & orange

How I have created today's editing

I have used the lightroom app to create today's editing, lightroom app is very amazing app to edit to enhance the color quality of any photo, you can turn your simple color quality photo into a better color quality photo. You can get this app from the playstore app.

How you can create this editing

  • To create this editing you will a lightroom app which you can get from paystore.
  • Then get preset from my website.
  • Now open your lightroom app and add the preset from add section.
  • Then add your photo where you want to paste the settings of preset.
  • Then open you preset in the lightroom app and copy the settings of preset by tapping the 3 dots on the top right corner.
  • An then open your main photo and paste the setting of the preset by tapping the 3 dots on the top right corner.


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