Snapseed Beautiful Sky Background Change Trick - [AF EDIT]

 Snapseed photo Editing

Hello people, how are you all doing, hope you all are performing extremely amazing. In this photo editing tutorial, you will be going to learn amazing way to edit your any simple photos into a professional photo, your dull-simple looking photo can be changed to a professional photo like the same as I have shown you in the above thumbnail, here in this photo editing tutorial you will learn the amazing tricks to change the background with the amazing looking background, also you will be going to learn the amazing tricks to adjust the color of dull photo into high contrast photos, he main thing in this photo editing is the sky. I am going to change the sky of the normal photo into the sky which is full of clouds. To learn this amazing trick of photo editing you have to be in my post till you read the instruction of editing and also till you don't get the editing materials. Also you can check my previously edited photos editing tutorials just by clicking the provided link in the same line.

Snapseed photo Editing

About the photo which is on the thumbnail

As you can see that there are two photos on the thumbnail, one is on the left side of the thumbnail photo and the other one is on the right side of the thumbnail photo, boh the photos are totally different from one another. But the editing which is done on both the photos are exactly same. Photo which is on the left side is edited like which is showing the Cyan Smoke effect and the model on that photo is sitting by the position with his one leg is on the floor with feet and another leg is like knee down, his hand one hand is on the knee of the left leg and the other hand is on the mouth where he is putting his forefinger on the mouth. On the right side photo, the model is sitting with the same pose as the left side photo, but the background is different from the left one.

Snapseed photo Editing

How I have created this Beautiful Sky Editing

To create this Smoke Bomb editing I needed the snapseed app, snapseed app is the best app for beginners, if you are an editor then this app is best for editing photos of any kind, in this app you can change the background of any photo, you can adjust color, and do many more things like the same I did. 

How you can create this amazing editing

  • Firstly get the snapseed app from playstore.
  • Then get the background that I have given you.
  • Open the snapseed app and there add the provided background.
  • Then go to the double exposure tool and add the photo that you want edit.
  • Then adjust it carefully so that it does not look fake.
  • Then go to the edit stake tool to remove the background of your photo.
  • Then after proceeding with all the process you can adjust the color photo with your own taste.

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