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Snapseed Amazing Photo Editing

Hello boy and girls, as always how are you doing, hope you all are performing extremely well. After a long time of editing, I finally here with the father level of editing with the special model NSB. Few months before I had created a photo editing in which I chose NSB as a model in my editing. The name of that editing was Snapseed Amazing Squar PNG photo Editing which after a week goes viral and now it reaches almost 4 lakhs plus views and also growing more and more. So again I thought to create another father level of editing with the same model NSB. Today's editing concept is very unique and I hope you will definitely like it. My today's editing is based on the Photo Sky Shadow, where I am going to add the photo on the sky by giving the shadow effect on it. So if you want to learn how I have created this type of editing then read the article carefully after only and only if you have watched my video uploaded on my youtube channel AF Edit. You can check my latest post like Snapseed Sunrise Photo Editing, I have many Instagram Photo Editing, there are so many Creative Photo Editing.

Snapseed Amazing Photo Editing

About What I have created for today

Today I have the special photo editing in which you will find the addition of a photo in the sky and how you can change the background to the smoke background, for that you absolutely need to watch my video. Now let's see about the thumbnail photo, as there are two photos on the thumbnail and the concept of both the photos are equally same, almost no difference on both the photos, but the only difference on both the which are in the thumbnail is the model, I have used two different models in both the photos, the right one is NSB and the left one is another model. The standing position of both the models are almost same and the editing done is also fully same.

Snapseed Amazing Photo Editing

What are the apps I have used 

Today's editing is done by using two apps which you can easily find those apps on Play store, the name of both the apps are Snapseed Mobile Editing App and the other on is Lightroom Mobile Editing App. These apps are used for photo editing, you can easily do various types of editing with the help of these apps, you only need to read the instruction provided both the apps, or also you can read the article or watch the video for the editing you liked the most.

How you can Create this type of editing

  • For creating this photo editing, Firstly, you have to get the required apps from the play store.
  • Then you have to get all the editing materials which I have given on this website.
  • Then after completing all requirements you have to open the snapseed app in your mobile phone.
  • Then, there you have to add the Smoke Background.
  • Then add the photo by using the double exposure tool.
  • Then adjust the photo which you have added, and then go to the edit stake and remove the original background of your original photo.
  • Then again go to double exposure and add the photo that you want in the background.
  • Adjust it, where you like to fit the further editing steps you can watch on my video.

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