New Picsart Photo Editing - Social Media Background, Youtube PNG, Instagram PNG, and Sunlight PNG. [AF Edit]

New Picsart Photo Editing - Social Media Background, Youtube PNG, Instagram PNG, and Sunlight PNG. [AF Edit]     
Picsart Photo Editing

Hello ladies and gentlemen, how are doing? Hope you all are fine. And in this article also we are doing the same thing as the previous updated article, So this post also going to be awesome because we are going to share with you guys very briefly. As you guys can see the thumbnail, how awesome it is looking, isn't it? Yes, and guys believe me or not this photo editing only required a mobile phone to edit the same as the above in the thumbnail, and the name of the app used to edit this type of photo is the mobile PicsArt app, just PicsArt and nothing else. Also, the photo in the thumbnail is very beautifully edited and you don't have to take tension about how we have edited, it is described in some paragraphs down. Now let's move to the next paragraph.

Presently moving to the main subject, why I am here, what will I provide in the current post. today I am here to give you the PNGs and Background for the versatile PicsArt application. And these Background and PNGs are totally free from cost. So, people the name editing is Social Media Background, Youtube PNG, Instagram PNG, and Sunlight PNGor essentially you can say it Picsart Photo Editing materials. AF Edit the channel head of the Youtube channel [AF Edit] made this lovely photograph altering by performing some simple technique in the Mobile PicsArt application. And I will tell you all in this Article how to use all the PicsArt photograph altering materials in the Mobile Picsart application and people that will be straightforward. You can alter your own photograph by viewing my recordings in youtube or for your easy access you can take it from my Website gave down towards.


  • Get the png and background from my website.
  • Now go to the mobile home screen and open your mobile PicsArt.
  • After opening the PicsArt app you have to add your photo from the add photo section.
  • Then you have to remove the background from your photo. You can use remove bg for removing your background it's just for your easy access.
  • Now you have to save it to your phone memory.
  • Now open social media background in your mobile PicsArt app.
  • Then you fellow have to add your removed background photo.
  • And after adding the photo you guys have to adjust the photo by your own satisfaction.
  • Now you guys have to add your YouTube PNG from the add photo section in the menu bar.
  • Now adjust the PNG by your own satisfaction. 
  • You guys have to click the tick button after adjust your photo.
  • Then again you guys have to go to the menu bar section.
  • And in the menu bar, you guys have o go to the add photo section.
  • And you have to add the Instagram PNG.
  • Now also you have to adjust the Instagram PNG.
  • Then after adjusting it, you have to click the tick button.  
  • And after doing everything you have to adjust your photo by adjusting Brightness and all.
  • Then you are all set, adjust some colors.
  • And now your photo is successfully edited.
  • If you guys till now did not understand how you can edit photos then you guys can check my videos in my youtube channel [AF Edit].


This Background and PNGs are downloaded and some part is edited in the pixel lab, speaking you detail about the Background and PNGs are if you have a very good quality photo you guys can edit your photo with the pro one. And guys this photo editing was specially created for you all guys, and guys by this photo editing trick you can turn your photo into a beautiful Edited photo.

About Picsart app:

If you are a photo editor and you want to edit your own photo, then Picsart is the best photo editor to add phot. If you don't know about the Picsart app let me explain to you, Picsart is a big brand that owns many small apps ( like - Picsart animator, Picsart color, Pixelart. You can download Picsart from PlayStore.Also if you don't know how to use the Picsart app, I have also added a video on my Youtube channel ( AF Edit), You can go there and check.

Edit photos, have fun with the new and best collections of stickers, make a collage with the best design, enjoy changing of different categories of background, no need of very much experience, anyone can edit photos.

Starting with the tools, Piscart provides us many options in the tools section like crop your photo in your chosen size without any fixed size, and also another tool is the free crop tool by that you can erase your photo background or you got body crop inside free crop which easily erase your backgrounds and coming to another tool that is shape crop which helps you to crop your photo in shape like, circle, triangle, square, and many more. After that, there is dispersion by that tool you give a very beautiful effect to your photo by dispersing any side of your photo, and also there are many more options like, clone, stretch, motion, selection, curves, selection, enhance, tilt-shift, perspective, resize, flip/rotate, by these tools you can edit your photo like a professional photo editor with easy steps.

And with lots of filters, blur effects, magic effect, artistic, pop art, paper art, Distort photo effect, color-changing filters you can give an amazing effect to your photo. Now coming to the detail of filters you can change your photo design and color by trying other types of filters and design.

Now coming to the major tools of picsart on the home page, and those are beautifying, sticker, cutout, text, add a photo, square fit, brushes, border, mask, drawing tools, lens flare, shape mask, frames, callout, by these you can give may other types of effects to your normal photo.

Also, this is not the end you can also edit video in the picsart app, isn't it amazing, so go guys and download it from play store

And also if you want to learn how to edit a photo in the mobile picsart app you can check my videos in my youtube channel ( AF Edit ) by that you can learn how to edit photos perfectly.

Device Requirements :
 Android 5.0 Lollipop or above required.     
  Minimum 1 Gb ram required.
  2 Gb space on your device required.       

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