Kavita Devi - My dress is my pride

 Kavita grew up in a village in Haryana, where daughters were undermined by sons. This is the story of Malvi village in Jind district. A region where the world of girls was limited from the courtyard of the maiden to the in-laws' threshold. Even parents who used to send their daughter to school had only one objective, that the girl should be educated enough to write letters to family members when needed. The number of girls in the village school was much less than the boys. But Kavita's family always inspired her to read and write. Especially elder brother Sandeep always encouraged him. While most of her friends dropped out after passing 10th, Kavita passed 12th from a village school and then a B.A.

Kavita Devi

 During this time, his interest in sports started growing. He loved weightlifting. Father and brother did not have problems with their game, but the villagers did not like it. He felt that because of the poem, the rest of the girls in the village would also be spoiled. He constantly pressurized his father to stop Kavita from playing. Reminding that now his daughter has grown up and she should get married. The poem says - The villagers have told my father many times that marry the girl, otherwise it will go wrong. But the father did not pay attention. Whenever I went out of the village, my brother would accompany me, so that no villager would have the courage to comment on me.

The family decided that the daughter should be trained in weightlifting so that she could become a professional player. In the year 2002, Kavita started weightlifting training at the Academy in Faridabad. Later she went to Lucknow for advanced training. He started his sports career with powerlifting. Hard work and disciplined lifestyle was the result. In 2007, she became the National Champion. In 2016, he won gold at the South Asian Games.

 Kota got the job of a constable in the Border Security Force and then became a Sub Inspector after promotion. Due to sports, he often had to go out, due to which it was difficult to go on duty, so he quit the job in 2010. In those days, there was a lot of talk about Dilip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali to become the World Champion. Kavita started watching her shows on TV. His interest in WWE started growing. The poem states- I am a big fan of The Great Khali. For the first time, when I saw him in the ring, I felt like I would have got the title of World Champion among the huge crowd like him.

 But that was just a dream. Never thought that one day I will also participate in WWE. He approached Khali and started training at his academy. There he got the opportunity to learn under the supervision of many foreign trainers. He performed well in all the bouts organized by the academy. Kavita says- When I decided to go to WWE, many people said that this girl is doing stupid, but the family helped me to take the right decision.

Kavita is India's first female wrestler to participate in WWE. Recently WWE organized a tournament only for women wrestlers. When Kavita came into the ring against the female wrestler from New Zealand in this match, everyone was watching them. People first saw a female wrestler in a salwar-kameez. Indeed, WWE matches have also been popular for their bold western attire.

But Kavita decided to wear her country's traditional dress salwar-kameez instead of western attire. In a thrilling match, he brilliantly knocked out his opponent several times. Although she lost the final match, her style touched the hearts of the sports enthusiasts. There was talk of his decent dress and strong performance everywhere. Kavita says - WWE is called show-manship. I know the technical specifics of this game. I am not as glamorous as the rest of the female wrestler, but I agree that the salwar-kameez is my own style. There is nothing like blushing in it.

 I am very happy about this. Kavita's next goal is to become the World Champion in the WWE Women's Championship and she is busy working hard to prepare for it. Kavita is married to volleyball player Gaurav Tomar and is now the mother of a five-year-old son. But even after marriage, their routine has not changed. Even today she runs morning, exercises and exercises for hours. Kavita says- After marriage, husband always encouraged me. Every girl should get freedom to make her career and get promoted after marriage.

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