Bilawal Bhutto Zardari - Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party

He has inherited politics. Bilawal Bhutto is the only son of the late Prime Minister of Pakistan Bejnir Bhutto. After the mother's death, Bilawal took over command of the Pakistan People's Party. He is considered to be the greatest political warlord of his father, former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari. Here are excerpts from one of his speeches:

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Peace and progress

I have not come here to prove myself as a youth leader. I am a young man, you are also young. So today we will only talk on issues. I have come up with the dream of a Pakistan which has peace and progress. To achieve such a country, we have to ask the leaders of our old generation to provide peace to us so that we can achieve progress.

Pain of violence

I understand the pain of violence very well. I feel the sorrow of those who have lost their loved ones in violence. Who can understand this pain better than me? I lost my mother on the land of my country. The terrorists snatched my mother Benazir Bhutto from me. I can never forget those moments. I know how much it hurts when someone strips us of our best. Today I want to thank the brave soldiers who are going ahead and fighting the terrorist forces, so that we young people can live in peace.

Misinterpretation of religion

I understand the grief and suffering of thousands of children who lost their parents in the terror attacks. The blood-thirsty murderers snatch away his family from these innocent people. They commit violence in the name of religion. Actually, they misinterpret religion. I am very angry with the politicians who want to turn their backs on the truth. They behave as if they had nothing to do with the matter. How can they ignore this serious issue? This is not an external problem. These enemies are present inside our country. He snatched away Mohatrama Bhutto from us. How can we ignore this?

Terrorist plans

The dangerous thing is that they are using children in terrorism. They place bombs in children's bodies. They bomb girls' schools. They want to keep our sisters away from training. They attack innocent girls in a school bus. They punish girls who aspire to train. They want to destroy our future generation. His plans are dangerous. Some leaders may call these demons the Taliban, but I do not agree with them. They give such names to such forces, but I consider them murderers.

Youth demand

We want youth change. The good news is that the efforts of the government elected by the people are succeeding. We have liberated the Swat Valley from the Taliban. The results are coming out. We want the country to be protected from internal and external enemies. The sovereignty of the country should be protected. We want transparency in the foreign policy of the country, so that the government should take decisions keeping in mind the interests of the country. We do not want our government to take orders on telephone and enter into secret agreements with other countries like the previous dictators. We cannot tolerate any compromise with the sovereignty of the country.

Internal conditions

We feel bad when there are community fights inside the country. Shia-Sunnis quarrel, attack each other. Whether we kill minorities in Balochistan or ethnic violence in Karachi, we want justice for the victims. The violence must stop. This brings the country into disrepute. We feel ashamed We are all Pakistanis. It does not matter what our religion is and what our caste is. We are all citizens of a country.

Wealth and opportunity

We want a progressive country. We want Pakistan to have plenty of growth opportunities. I have just returned from India. The purpose of this journey was peace and friendship. We have started efforts in this direction. I see a hope in this effort. Hoping for a better future. We cannot carry the bitterness of our ancestors. I am proud that my maternal grandfather gave the first Islamic bomb to the country and my mother gave the first missile program to the country. Surely because of them we are able to protect ourselves today. But today's young generation does not want war. We young people want peace, we want progress.

New way

Should we not stop investing in the nuclear sector now? Now it is too much. Instead of building powerful nuclear tanks, it would be better to build the best school in our country. Instead of making fighter jet aircraft, prepare excellent doctors and skilled nurses. Instead of providing arms to the people, we should provide them better food and clothes, so that they can live a good life. We paid a lot of attention to security, now attention should be paid to the welfare of the people. I appreciate the brave soldiers who guard the country to the heights of Siachen, but I eagerly await the day when they will return home forever. Our future is at stake. I want all the youth of the country to raise their voice with me.

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